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Restaurant Bar

About Our Journey

We(PRASAD/NAGA) chefs from AHA INDIAN FOOD PARADISE are delighted to invite

everyone to come and share your valuable AHA experience with others.

We can assure a great dining experience to all our guests.


We (NAGA/PRASAD) wanted to

learn everything we could about what it takes to be a great chef. It was a turning point for both of us. We have 10 years of international experience in reputed hotels like MARRIOTT, BURJ AL

ARAB, STARWOOD GROUP from INDIA, Dubai, USA , and CANADA. Having a zeal to learn

new culinary techniques brought us together at AHA. Ever since we moved to Canada as a part of our culinary journey, we planned to open a restaurant and make sure to cook good and tasty food with immense love. AHA INDIAN FOOD PARADISE is our dream come true. A passion for cooking starts with respect for the ingredients. We believe

"cooking is an art and not everyone is gifted with but everyone has the potential to learn


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